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Rumah Tahfidz Yasib

Yayasan Asmin Intelektual Berkah

Rumah Tahfidz Yasib is a non-profit institution founded with the aim of helping people study and memorize the Al-Quran. Located in the middle of a community in need, we are committed to providing affordable and high quality Al-Quran learning services. The aims of establishing the Tahfidz Yasib house include:

* Providing a conducive and quality learning environment for memorizers of the Al-Quran.

* Providing intensive assistance and guidance to students to achieve the goal of memorizing the Al-Quran.

* Develop innovative and effective learning methods to facilitate the process of memorizing the Al-Quran.

* Building partnerships with various parties to increase the accessibility and sustainability of the tahfidz program.

* Produce a generation that not only memorizes the Al-Quran, but also understands and applies its teachings in everyday life.

Rumah Tahfidz Yasib Located on Jl. Laksana No 15 Kota Matsum Medan, North Sumatera 20215 Indonesia.

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